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Chilean Actress Juanita Ringeling Congratulates Futaleufu

Chilean actress and activist Juanita Ringeling, in a show of community support for villages in Patagonia, has uploaded a video post congratulating the people of Futaleufu. The prominent actress, who currently lives in L.A., has offered support in the past for a Futaleufu without dams.


Great job to the communities of Puelo and Futaleufu and all who have fought for this magnificent part of Patagonia and the world! A few days ago #Endesa returned the water rights to the State. This is an opportunity to change the paradigm of our country. To develop a new sustainable model. We do not want those rights to be handed over to another company to exploit the resources. We want to see those rights in the hands of a community wanting to progress in one with their environment, perpetuating its richness and beauty and the incredible way of life that occurs around it! Here’s to the ongoing struggle! @futakeeper 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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