Thank you for your interest in saving the Futaleufu River and helping our community. Now more than ever, we need your help! We are a small organization that relies heavily on volunteers, in-kind contributions and financial support. If you would like to discuss different ways to get involved, write us at or call 914-357-4837. Otherwise we hope you will make a gift in 2017! Instructions are below.


Above: Riverkeeper Team and Volunteers with Chilean band Inti Illimani, March, 2017

How to Give From the U.S.

From the U.S. you can donate online through Waterkeeper Alliance, our fiscal sponsor. Gifts through Waterkeeper are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Visit the secure donation platform at the link below.

Above: visit Waterkeeper's donation page to make a gift in support of the Futaleufu.

Above: visit Waterkeeper’s donation page to make a gift in support of the Futaleufu.

In Step 2, select “Other” from the gift designation box and write in “Futaleufu Riverkeeper” as shown below. Waterkeeper Alliance Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. If you live or work in the U.S., your gift is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

Click here or on the form to be redirected.

You can also mail a check, noting ‘Futaleufu’ in the memo, and send to:

Waterkeeper Alliance, Inc.
180 Maiden Lane
Suite 603
New York, NY 10038


Give Directly to Chile
If you are based in Chile or do not need verification from a U.S. 501(c)3 for tax reporting purposes, you can also donate directly to Fundación Futaleufu Riverkeeper via bank transfer. Please contact us for international bank codes.
Razón Social: Futaleufu Riverkeeper
RUT: 65.058.283-7
Banco: Santander
Cuenta de destino: Cuenta Corriente 66292339

Your gift goes to supporting Futaleufú Riverkeeper’s three programs for 2016:

• Monitoring & Enforcement. Waterkeepers conduct both physical monitoring of waterways and legal oversight of development projects, often before they’re publicly announced. In Chile this step is particularly important, given the lack of transparency. Your gift keeps eyes on the river and helps alert the community to new threats.
• Sustainable Regulations. As a major tourism destination, Futaleufu has its own challenges.We are collaborating to establish zoning protections for the river as part of our ZOIT Action Plan, together with the Municipalities of Futaleufu and Palena, Club de Pesca, and other stakeholders. Your gift will help make Futaleufu a model village and ensure future generations of Chileans can enjoy the same natural beauty that attracts people from around the world.
• Challenging Bad Policy. Futaleufú should be permanently protected! Chile’s energy policy is still pro-dams, despite scientific and economic research showing better alternatives. We caucus with a variety of social organizations in Chile to advocate for better environmental policy, including Acción Conservación and the Kayak Stewards Alliance. By joining, you become part of a growing network of people working on the front lines to keep Chile’s rivers safe.

This river – and many others in Patagonia – have a short life expectancy unless we act quickly. By giving you are helping to permanently protect one of the world’s most amazing rivers.

Who Supports Us?

Futaleufú Riverkeeper is mostly supported by river lovers and their families. In 2016, 71% of financial support came from individuals and family trusts. Philanthropy is a new concept in Chile, however we are leading efforts to change that mindset and secure donors from within the country. In the meantime, we need your support.

Please help by making a gift today (noting Futaleufu in Step 2).

Questions about giving? Email us at or call at 914-357-4837.

December 2016 Update. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2016 Year-End Giving Campaign, Give to the River. Together you contributed over $10,000 to the river through our fiscal sponsor, Waterkeeper Alliance. We were also awarded the largest grant we’ve ever gotten from Patagonia Inc for our project, Amplifying Voices in Patagonia. This project will train local leaders and connect them with the national effort to protect free-flowing rivers in Chile. Thank you to everyone who made Patagonia’s Black Friday event a success! It is providing immediate support for groups protecting rivers and mountains in Chile.