The effort to save the Futaleufú Riverkeeper is bringing together supporters, like businesses, foundations and civil society organizations committed to environmental conservation. Please check back as more groups sign up to become a supporter. If you or your business is interested in joining, please contact us and let us know how you would like to get involved or become a supporter.

Pro Bono and Research Support
FerradaNehme, Santiago, Chile
Vance Center for International Justice, New York, USA
Moye White, LLP, Colorado, USA
Yale Environmental Protection Clinic, Connecticut, USA
UCLA Anderson School of Management, California, USA

Tourism & Adventure Companies
Bochinche Expediciones, Futaleufú
Turismo Antuhuya, Futaleufú
FutaLeufluye Winter Kayaking School, Futaleufú
H2O Patagonia, Futaleufú
Patagonia Elements, Futaleufú
Earth River Expeditions, Futaleufú & New York
Expediciones Chile, Futaleufú
Restaurant Madre Selva, Futaleufú
Hostal La Gringa Carioca, Futaleufú
Northwest Rafting Company, Oregon, USA
O.A.R.S., California, USA

Photography & Web Design
Isabel Margarita Delgado, Futaleufú
Londie Garcia Padelsky, California
Carr Clifton Photography, California

NGOS and Foundations
CASA Socio-Environmental Fund, Brazil
Maule Itata Coastkeeper, Curanipe, Chile
International Rivers, California, USA
Waterkeeper Alliance, New York, USA
Weeden Foundation, New York, USA
Patagonia, Inc., California, USA
Red Poppy, California, USA

Corporate Sponsors
Patagonia Chile, Santiago