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EcoWatch – 20 Year David and Goliath Fist Fight Saves Patagonia’s Futaleufu
By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. September 12, 2016

“We supposedly have democracy, but it is a democracy without teeth. A nation can’t have a true democracy without sovereignty over its lands and infrastructures,” Orrego told me. Read full article at EcoWatch


Outside Online – Chile’s Best Whitewater Rivers Won’t be Dammed – For Now. By Grayson Schaffer August 30, 2016

“In a milestone moment for Patagonian conservation and for one of the world’s great whitewater rafting and kayaking destinations, the Spanish energy company Endesa today, August 30, 2016, relinquished all claims to Chile’s Futaleufú…. The damming of the Futaleufú has been the source of an intense environmental lobbying effort for nearly two decades.   ” Read full article at Outside Online.



Patagon Journal – From Paris to Patagonia – On Rivers and Climate Change
By Patrick J. Lynch, July 22, 2016.

“Prior to the HydroAysen case, it was logical for policymakers to assume as a foregone conclusion that large hydro would play a major role in Chile’s future. For many years the question being asked in Chile wasn’t whether its rivers would be dammed, but rather which ones would be first.”

Read full article at EcoPatagonia. For Spanish translation click here.


Washington Post – Energy and Environment “Oh great — scientists just confirmed a key new source of greenhouse gases”
By Chris Mooney September 28, 2015

“We’re trying to provide policymakers and the public with a more complete picture of the consequences of damming a river…” Read full article at WashPo. For Spanish translation click here.