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Celebrating Chile’s Rivers

Celebrating Chile’s Rivers
By Paulo Urrutia, Patrick Lynch and Jens Benöhr, members of the Chilean Free-Flowing Rivers Network
Throughout Earth’s history, rivers have been essential for the survival of both humans and other species. Around these rivers, some of the oldest civilizations rose and fell. Rivers have represented life, death, obstacles, borders, transportation routes and even gods. Their very existence made them subjects of veneration and respect.
Around the planet, there are places where rivers abound due to their geographic characteristics. Chile is one of those privileged places where water descends impulsively from the heights. Throughout our narrow geography, hundreds of streams and rivers flow from the mountains to the sea, nurturing forests, fields and cities. Some of these rivers even cross man-made borders, especially in Patagonia, where the Manso, Baker and Futaleufu rivers flow right through the Andes, regardless of our imaginary borders on the map. ….
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