Celebrating the Futaleufu at the Explorers Club, New York City


Update, June 2015: Thank you to everyone who was able to join us in New York! The event was a huge success, with nearly 90 attendees coming from all over the country. To view photos from the event, please click here to view our Facebook album. And it’s not too late to pledge! The Futaleufu River needs your support. To make a donation online please visit our Donation Page, or give us a call at 914-357-4837. Thank you and have a great summer!


This April, come join adventure travelers and environmental heroes from Chile and the U.S. at a private event to celebrate the famous Futaleufu River and efforts to protect Patagonia’s rivers. Enjoy typical Chilean hors-d’oeuvre, an open bar, an award-winning short film and more. Don’t miss out!


When: April 16th, 2015
6-9 pm
46 East 70th Street, New York City sep

Speakers To Include:
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Julio Fiol, Chilean Consul General in New York
Whitewater pioneers Robert Currie Sr. and friends sep

This private event is open to all Riverkeeper supporters, both former and new. However, space is limited. To secure your spot, please contact us at info@futaleufuriverkeeper.org or call us at (914) 357-4837.

At the event, we will be announcing a new law and policy program [UPDATE: check out the press release here.] This program is an exciting new initiative that builds upon decades of river conservation efforts in Chile, including historic efforts by people attending the event like Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Eric Hertz, Robert Currie, Don Weeden, and many more.


More about Saving the Futaleufú

Patagonia is one of the world’s last wild places. People dream of exploring its many glaciers, lakes, and rivers that carve their way from the mountains to the sea.

This massive region – so large it could fit a hundred Yellowstone Parks- is almost completely unprotected from mining and large hydro development. We aim to change that, starting with one of Patagonia’s most prized treasures: the Futaleufú.

Futaleufu Riverkeeper is a Chilean-led organization that seeks international collaboration to assist local communities in developing a sustainable,  long-term economy that both preserves their rich culture and emphasizes Patagonia’s spectacular natural beauty. Futaleufu’s 13,000 year-round inhabitants know what they want, and they are showing us how to get there. But to win we need a strong network of community leaders, attorneys, and advocates working at the local, national and international levels. To become a supporter and join the growing movement to save the Futaleufu please visit our Donate page.


For more information:

Write to our International Director, Patrick Lynch, at

Phone: (914) 357-4837
Skype: @FutaleufuRiverkeeper