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Introducing the Kayak River Stewards Program

Introducing the Kayak River Stewards Program

Introducing the Kayak River Stewards Program! This program aims to strengthen a growing network of river protection groups in Chile. Many paddlers who travel among Chile’s rivers have expressed frustration that they want to help but don’t know how. Click here to visit the Survey Page for Paddlers.

This survey allows you to act as stewards of the river throughout your travels, treating you not only as our eyes and ears on the river but also as a way local communities can pass along sensitive information.  Any information you can gather and report is useful. Basic observations, informal chats and photos, can all add key details to the stories about these rivers that will help us illustrate to government and big industry why river conservation in Chile is so important. This survey will also help us establish a method for more detailed reporting in the future.

Futaleufu Riverkeeper is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international network of clean water advocates working around the world to protect our planet’s waterways.  We protect the rights of communities to free-flowing rivers by uniting struggles across all watersheds in the country, many of which are threatened by large dams. To support this initiative please visit our Donation page.

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