Land Conservation



One of the most tried and true practices for ensuring the health of our rivers and streams is protecting the land around them. The people who own this land have a right to clean water and fair use, whether that means halting a dam that would flood their homes or stopping a mine upriver that will leach toxins into their drinking water. The Futaleufú Riverkeeper is exploring ways to create new land conservation incentives in Chile, including passage of a new Land Trust law spearheaded by groups like The Nature Conservancy.

The Chilean Congress recently approved a draft of the law, thanks largely to pressures from the NGO community. We will be vigilant in seeing the legislative process through until implementation. Similar to the system in the U.S., a land trust law allows private property owners to sell or donate the property’s development rights to a land trust, which is then charged with monitoring the property and when necessary bring enforcement actions against third parties who violate those rights (such as dam operators).

The Futaleufú Riverkeeper is committed to developing unique strategies for land conservation in Patagonia, Chile. To do this, we need your help!