Litigation and Environmental Enforcement

Environmental Enforcement & Compliance


The Futaleufu Riverkeeper is dedicated to using Chile’s environmental enforcement mechanisms to protect the watershed. Following the Riverkeeper model, we place special emphasis on developing legal strategies, prosecuting polluters, and taking strong legal action to put a stop to activities that will harm the Futaleufú watershed. Before commencing litigation we will strive toward encouraging the enforcement of Chile’s existing environmental laws by government agencies.

The Futaleufu Riverkeeper works to ensure that any project that may affect the watershed is subject to undergoing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EAI) in the strictest accordance with Chilean law. When the regulatory review process proves to be inadequate to protect the watershed, we will pursue litigation to halt projects with unknown environmental and public health risks. Likewise, we will oppose projects where no amount of mitigation can compensate for the loss of irreplaceable natural resources, such as biodiversity, endangered species, and ecosystem services.

Making sure that environmental laws are enforced and complied with is key to protecting the watershed and discouraging unsustainable and harmful projects. Enforcement  also allows us to hold people accountable for their actions with regards to environmental impacts in the watershed. Please help fund our litigation efforts today!