To start a new year of work in conservation of the Futaleufú Watershed, we have the scientific research support of students in Natural Resources Conservation Engineering from Universidad Austral de Chile.

During the month of January we received Vanessa Pizarro, Moira Rozas and Nicolas Valenzuela, who, with energy and dedication, are conducting a research that will contribute to local knowledge and monitoring of the basin.

Vanessa Pizarro will continue the work done in 2017 by Marilyn Aguilar (student of the same program at Universidad Austral). The study will focus on mapping wetlands and upload their information to the website of the National Registry of Wetlands to make them available online. Moira Rozas will research the current State of Mining Concessions in Futaleufú and Palena. Finally Nicolás Valenzuela will work on sustainability indicators to support ecological tourism and thus monitor the impact of visitors on wilderness areas, specially the ZOIT (Zone of Touristic Interest).

We appreciate the trust that Austral University and the students of the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Resources have placed in Futaleufú Riverkeeper. This intership has been self-managed by the students and it fills us with joy that they choose us as part of their professional training.