From the headwaters of the Futaleufú River in Argentina’s Los Alerces National Park to where the Yelcho River reaches the sea, the total watercourse measures 185 km (115 miles). The Futaleufú River itself is 105 km (65 miles) in length, of which 70 km (44 miles) are in Chile. (See map below)

On the Argentinian side, a hydroelectric dam began operating in 1978 to supply electricity for an aluminum smelting operation on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. The Chilean portion of the Futaleufú River is currently dam free, offering some of the most spectacular rapids anywhere in the world.

Where We Work – Futaleufu Valley Map
The Futaleufú Riverkeeper works out of the community of Futaleufú, situated in the Palena Province of Chilean Patagonia just 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the Argentinian border. We patrol the entire watershed from where the Futaleufú River enters the country to its mouth at Lake Yelcho. You can read more about the area and our work here .