Futaleufu Parks and Nature Reserves


The Futaleufú watershed is surrounded by three national parks. To the north lies the Pumalín Park Nature Reserve (317,000 hectares/783,324 acres) founded by the American entrepreneur Douglas Tompkins. To the northeast, abutting Pumalín Park, is Los Alerces National Park (263,000 hectares/649,887 acres) in Argentina. And bordering the Yelcho River to the south is Chile’s newest national park, Corcovado National Park (209,623 hectares/517,989 acres).

Within the watershed lies the Futaleufú National Reserve (12,065 hectares/28,956 acres), which was set aside for the preservation of endangered species, including the Mountain Ciprés (Austrocedrus Chilensis) and a south Andean deer called the Huemúl (Hipocalemus Bisulcus), an illustration of which is in the bottom left corner of this website. The Reserve is designated as part of the Bi-national Biosphere Reserve, a joint effort between Chile and Argentina to preserve similar ecosystems in areas along the Andes mountains.

The Futaleufú Riverkeeper is pursuing partnerships with both private and public park operators in the region. There is an enormous opportunity for further protecting portions of the watershed through the establishment of both private and public parks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss how you can help in our efforts to pursue these opportunities.

To learn more about the parks in and around the watershed, please check out the links below.

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