The Futaleufú valley attracts professional and hobby photographers from around the world. Below are links to albums from some of the professional photographers who have visited Futaleufú. We also use their photos (with permission) when contacted by press to accompany interviews and articles.

For daily photos submitted by community partners in Futaleufú, you can also check out our Facebook page. If you have your own photos and would like to share, let us know!

Photographers (last updated October 2016)

Dani Casado (Chile): Futaleufu: JANUARY 2017

Dani is our team photographer and social media advisor. He is preparing a mixed media project and will be in residency in Futaleufu this coming January, 2017. Please check back then for samples!

Bryan Miller (California): Patagonia: A Trip of a Lifetime

Bryan is a San Diego-based photographer working to bring guided photography tours to destinations like Futaleufu. Bryan donated one of his prints of the Futaleufú to be auctioned off at our sister group in L.A. at their annual fundraiser in Santa Monica. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our upcoming issue and learn more about how Bryan discovered the Fu.

Jakub Sedivy (Czech Republic) Water Collection
Jakub is a professional kayak instructor and photographer whose work has been featured in several whitewater magazines. Below are recent articles featuring Jakub’s work. In partnership with Futaleufu Riverkeeper, Jakub donates use of his photos to accompany articles and interviews talking about our work.
Cautious optimism over Endesa decision to renounce water rights on Futaleufu and Puelo rivers
Building Dams in Patagonia Will Not Mitigate Climate Change
From Paris to Patagonia: On Rivers and Climate Change

Paulo Urrutia (Chile)

Paulo is a Chilean geologist, kayaker, mountaineer and photographer working with Futaleufu Riverkeeper to establish the national alliance of kayakers. His media experience includes photographic coverage for different adventure magazines in Chile.

Markus Bruno (Brazil) Man vs Water

Markus is a Brazilian filmmaker, photographer and environmental advocate who lives in Futaleufu. He is one of the organizers of Futaleufu Mountainfilm as part of his film collective, Fitzroya Media House.

Jessica Nolte (Brazil) Under Patagonian Skies

Jessica is a Brazilian producer, documentary filmmaker and environmental advocate who lives in Futaleufu. She is one of the organizers of Futaleufu Mountainfilm as part of her film collective, Fitzroya Media House.

Scott Fitzmorris (California) Chilean Patagonia

Scott is an avid skier, philanthropist and champion of environmental causes. His photos of exotic locations in Africa and South America showcase some of the world’s most beautiful and at-risk places.

Londie Garcia Padelsky (California) Futaleufu Portfolio

Londie is a California native and professional portrait photographer who has worked and traveled to various locations. Londie has donated photos for use by Futaleufu Riverkeeper on our website.

Carr Clifton (California) Río Futaleufu

Carr is a well-known landscape, nature and fine art photographer who specializes in shooting wild and scenic parts of the world. Carr has donated photos for use by Futaleufu Riverkeeper on our website.

Lacy Kiernan (New York) Saving the Futaleufu event at The Explorers Club

Based in New York City, photographer Lacy Kiernan specializes in lifestyle, portraiture and images of the urban landscape. After studying film-based photography at the University of Virginia, she earned her Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Digital Photography from New York’s School of Visual Arts. Lacy graciously agreed to be our volunteer photographer for our 2015 event at The Explorers Club. Read more about the event here.