The Futaleufú Riverkeeper is located in the town of Futaleufú (-43.1675, -71.8483), about 10 kilometers (6 mi) from the Argentinian border.

Town Population
Trevelin, Argentina 9123
Futaleufu, Chile 2300
Puerto Ramirez, Chile 300
Chaiten, Chile (Yelcho watershed) 4065


Roughly 16,000 people live within the Yelcho watershed year-round. Futaleufú Riverkeeper works primarily in the sub-watershed of the Futaleufú River on the Chilean side of the border, which is home to approximately 2,600 people year-round. On the Chilean side, most of the population is centered around the town of Futaleufú, which is also the main economic center. Other smaller villages in the comuna of Futaleufu include Los Cipreses, El Espolón, El Azul and Puerto Cárdenas. Politically, the Chilean portion of the watershed is located within Chile’s Palena Province, which is part of the Lakes Region (also known as the 10th Region or Region X). In 2015 this region received the largest number of tourists in the country, and it also has the most protected areas with nine, including the Reserva Nacional Futaleufú in the Futaleufú subwatershed and Parque Pumalín, which covers part of the larger Yelcho watershed.