Rocio Gonzalez, Executive Director and Riverkeeper

Rocio Gonzalez, Executive Director and Riverkeeper

Rocio holds a degree in Social Work from the University of Los Lagos and is fluent in English and Spanish. As part of her community work, she also participates in the Town Environmental Committee (Comité Ambiental Comunal), having been elected its first President in 2015. Rocio is a native of the Los Lagos Region who has lived in the Futaleufu watershed since 2013. Before moving to Futaleufu, she worked for seven years as a government official in Puerto Montt. During her tenure she supervised over a hundred international volunteers. She first began working with Futaleufu Riverkeeper in 2014, most recently serving as Project Director where she supervised local zoning efforts and organized community events.

As the Riverkeeper, Rocio is responsible for monitoring the health of the waterways and documenting threats to the environment. There are currently over 300 Waterkeepers in 34 countries worldwide, including new groups on the threatened Maranon River in Peru and the Chagres River in Panama.

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Patrick J. Lynch, International Director

Patrick Lynch, International Director

Patrick is an environmental attorney and advocate from the U.S. who lives in Futaleufu. He is a Member of the World Commission on Environmental Law and writes and speaks on environmental and social justice issues, particularly in the context of river conservation.

In Chile, Patrick organizes and participates in environmental initiatives including the Citizens’ Committee on Climate Change, which presents studies on renewable energies to the Chilean government, as well as Acción Conservación, a new initiative to unite nonprofit leaders and outdoor groups.

As International Director, Patrick oversees outreach, fundraising, finances, and collaborates with Waterkeeper Alliance and other Waterkeeper members around the globe. He is a permanent resident of Chile, having lived there since 2010. Instagram: plynchile Twitter: plynchile.


Cecilia Uribe Bahamonde, Head of Communications
Cecilia Uribe Bahamonde, Communications

Cecilia is a young mother, environmentalist and native of Futaleufu. Like many people in Patagonia, she was born in Argentinean Patagonia but spent her life on the Chilean side. Her grandparents and parents are founding settlers of the town.

Cecilia attended high school and technical school in Achao, Chiloe, currently the center of environmental conflict due to salmon farming. She returned to Futaleufu in 2014 together with her daughter Antonia, both of them determined to stay and live and fight for their homes.

“I couldn’t remain far away knowing that the Futaleufu River is in danger and feeling a great responsibility to defend it, for the community and especially for my daughter.”
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Francisca Castillo, Volunteer, Monitoring Program

Francisca Castillo, Volunteer, Monitoring Program

Francisca is a Geography student at the University of Concepción, currently on an exchange program in Peru at the Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú.

A nature aficionado and birdwatcher, she has dedicated part of her life traveling through Patagonia. In this manner she first visited Futaleufu in 2012. Since then, Francisca has returned repeatedly to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes and the cultural richness of the community.

Francisca aims to support the gathering of information on the watershed to generate a reliable baseline for decision-making and conservation in the region.


Iván Belmar, Volunteer, Monitoring Program

Iván Belmar, Volunteer, Monitoring Program

Iván is a geographer from the University of Concepción, passionate about nature and rockclimbing. His main research focus deals with water resources, such as studies on water availability. He has also conducted research into the water code, mainly about water use rights.

Iván joined Futaleufu Riverkeeper to allow him to explore different lines of work and contribute to the protection of a watershed that, according to him, “is one of the most beautiful in Chile.”


Daniel Casado, Photographer, Videographer and Communications Advisor

Daniel Casado, Photographer and Communications Advisor

Daniel is a Chilean environmental photographer and videographer with experience in documentary production and communications. Among the institutions he has collaborated with are Fundación MERI (northern Patagonia), Parque Etnobotánico OMORA (southern Patagonia) , and U.S. NGOs including the Chewonki Foundation, Maine Woods Forever, and Maine Farmland Trust.

Daniel has carried out audiovisual projects in South America and the U.S. and is currently the Director of DC Photo and photographer and producer at Seedlight Pictures.

Daniel is an active member of the Chilean Photoreporters Union and an activist in environmental causes.


Jens Benöhr, Bestias del Sur Salvaje

Jens Benohr, National River Alliance

Jens is an anthropologist, writer, kayaker and National Geographic Young Explorer from Concepción. He earned his degree in anthropology at the University of Concepcion. His interest lies in ecology, especially the interaction between human populations and waterbodies. To date his work has focused on the use of sports as a tool for environmental education.

Jens has broad experience working for NGOs, participating as a volunteer for Sur Sustenta, Concepción que Camina, Senderismo y Naturaleza Concepción, and more recently Futaleufu Riverkeeper. He also works to distribute information on social and environmental issues through digital platforms such as Ladera Sur, Endémico and Landie. Jens is the Co-Founder of Bestias del Sur Salvaje, a collective of adventurers and conservationists that link outdoor sports with social and environmental activism. He sits on the Research Committee for the Chilean Free-Flowing Rivers Network.

Dominique Haller, Cartographer

Michy Haller, Cartographer
Dominique “Michy” Haller is a Chilean-American geographer, singer and activist from Los Queñes, Chile. She holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and is currently finishing a Masters in Applied Geography at UNC Greensboro.

To support Futaleufu Riverkeeper and other watershed protection groups in Chile, Michy is generating hydrological maps and other GIS data. She is a member of Chilean Free-Flowing Rivers Network (Red por los Ríos Libres), serving as a member of the Research Committee responsible for coordinating projects and research needs across Chile’s watersheds.


Lydia Bleifuss, International Relations Volunteer

Lydia Bleifuss, International Relations Volunteer

Lydia is a river conservationist and whitewater guide largely based in Buena Vista, Colorado, USA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, with a concentration in Surface Water Conflicts. For her thesis, she looked at social resistance to hydropower conflicts and transboundary basin management in Chile. In 2016 she traveled to Chile with the help of grant funding to meet with several watershed protection groups, including Futaleufu Riverkeeper.

Since returning to the U.S., Lydia has taken on an international relations role for Riverkeeper. She is currently strengthening contacts between Buena Vista and Futaleufu, with the aim of establishing a partnership between the two exceptional river towns. In addition to guiding and research experience, Lydia also interned with Waterkeeper Alliance.


Ivo A. Tadich G., Research Fellow

Ivo Tadich, Research Fellow

Ivo is a nature aficionado and loves trekking the wonderful Andes Mountains, as well as the beautiful and unique Chilean Coastal Mountain Range.

Ivo joined the Futaleufú Riverkeeper team in 2016 as a Fellow, to investigate Chile’s energy policy and assist in helping the community gain a better understanding of what this policy means for the Futaleufu watershed. He also works in situ studying new ways of understanding the ecosystem processes involved in this watershed from a scientific point of view. Ivo is an Environmental Civil Engineer from the southern Chilean city of Valdivia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso) and a Master’s in Science in Water Resources from Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia).



Pía Weber Salazar, Legal Investigator

Pia Weber Salazar, Legal Investigator

Pia is a Chilean attorney with a law degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, specializing in Administrative Law and Environmental Law. Pia is currently pursuing a Masters in Law (LLM) at the University of Melbourne, where she studies environmental law and is helping Futaleufu Riverkeeper research legal tools for the protection of wild and scenic rivers in Australia, including the Queensland Wild Rivers Act. Previously, Pia worked as advisory attorney for the Ministry of the General Secretariat of the Presidency and as Fund Analyst for Chile’s Transparency Council. She is a member of the Chilean Free-Flowing Rivers Network, sitting on the Research Committee.


Jane Koopman, Kayak Stewards Alliance

Jane Koopman, Kayakers Alliance

Jane Koopman is an instructor in the river, sea kayak and horsepacking programs for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Jane started Kayak River Stewards as a Futaleufu Riverkeeper project to unite kayakers and set the stage for a national alliance to protect the the Fu and other waterways. She spent two seasons traveling through Chile, paddling rivers, learning about conflicts, participating in festivals and presenting to kayakers.

Prior to her work in Chile and with NOLS, Jane worked for Teens To Trails, a nonprofit working to make outdoor pursuits more accessible to all teens in the state of Maine. She also spent time guiding, patrolling and teaching on Maine’s river’s and mountains. Jane grew up in San Francisco, California and holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Earth Science from Bowdoin College in Maine.


Paulo Urrutia, Bestias del Sur Salvaje

Paulo Urrutia, Bestias del Sur Salvaje

Paulo is a geologist, photographer and kayaker from the University of Concepcion. Outdoor sports have allowed him to find a deep connection with places removed from the hectic craziness of the cities. With interests in hydrogeology, photography, tourism and sports, Paulo searches for alternatives to enhance local development in a way that respects the environment and its inhabitants. The great beauty of southern Chile and the quality of its people led him to launch the Bestias del Sur Salvaje project with Jens Benohr, where they seek to create a sporting ethic committed to the communities where they develop their sports and the organizations that protect them. As part of Kayak River Stewards, he intends to link a network of committed kayakers to watersheds threatened by hydroelectric projects.




Pictured above: Ervin Redlich, Community Advocate and Rural Tourism Expert, Turismo Antuhuya.


Natalia B. Ibañez

Natalia is an experienced tourism guide and a native of Futaleufú. She learned English on horseback as a child working with her family’s rural tourism company in the watershed. For several years she lived in the Argentinean portion of the Futaleufú watershed, and is now connecting both Chile and Argentina to stand united against harmful development. She has presented at community events in Futaleufú and in Puerto Varas, and acts as Futaleufú Riverkeeper’s representative in Argentina. Natalia holds a degree in tourism and currently works for the Town of Futaleufú in the Tourism Department.

Ervin Redlich, Community advocate and rural tourism expert, Turismo Antuhuya, Futaleufú, Chile 

Stephanie Haig, Filmmaker, Fighting for the Futaleufú, Connecticut, U.S.