Below is a collection of videos concerning the Futaleufú watershed. More soon!

Futaleufu Without Dams a message from Patagonia.

This #Day4Climate event kicked off summer in Chilean Patagonia with an event to bring together families and ask Patagonians why they care about climate change and wild and scenic rivers like the Futaleufu. The event was organized by Futaleufu’s Town Environmental Committee in collaboration with the following:
Municipalidad de Futaleufú
Futaleufú Riverkeeper
Fitzroya Media House
Casa de la Cultura
Futaleufluye Kayak Club
FutaFly Fishing Club
Hostal Las Natalias
Cervezas Piwo
And the following volunteers: Cecilia Uribe; Ervin Redlich; Isabel Delgado; Isabel Acuña; Melanie Kurtz; Nancy Moore; Michael O´Donnell; and Lavin.


Check out this short teaser of the Futaleufu River shot in January, 2017 by Daniel Casado Bissone. More to come in 2017! If you would like to support high-quality media with a donation please visit Our Donation Page.



Por Wes McCue: “Here is a video I put together of the first event of the most epic kayak competition in South America, the FutaXL on the Futaleufú river in southern Chile. It is boatercross, which consists of four kayakers head to head in a race through the rapids Toro and Mundaca. The festival brings together some of the best and most passionate kayakers in the world and places them in the mighty Futaleufú river.

The FutaXL also works to unite the local community with the massive community of kayakers that make the pilgrimage to the Futa every year. It is an event that hopes to highlight the importance and relevance of fighting for the unspoiled wild places in this world that deserve to be saved from hydroelectric development. For more information about the fight for places like the Futa, visit our friends at

Watch the Giant Slalom video report: HERE

Watch the Downriver Race video report: HERE

Rivers like the Rio Futaleufú are constantly under threat of hydroelectric development and unless there are people willing to fight for these wild places, we will lose them forever. If you are interested in being a part of this fight, large or small, please visit our friends at


Chile’s Global Climate March

This video was filmed in Santiago as part of Action/2015, Global Climate March, and #Day4Climate to call upon Chilean and international leaders to protect Chile’s rivers, glaciers, forests, and the rights of indigenous and Chilean people to a clean environment. Chile’s proposed actions on climate change focus far too heavily on building large dams, do not protect glaciers or forests, and do not respect the rights of the people who live in this region, including indigenous groups. Chile can and must be more ambitious in its climate change response if it wants to be seen as a regional leader. Help us call upon Chile’s leaders to address our concerns and work together with citizens to decide the future of the planet.

Chile’s Mesa Ciudadana sobre Cambio Climático:
Organizers for Chile’s Global Climate March: Karen Pradenas, Fundación Decide and Nicolas Sautejeau, Asociación Chilena de ONGs – ACCION. Other Members of the Mesa: Asociación Interamericana para la defensa del Ambiente – AIDA, Acción por la Tierra, Casa de la Paz, CEDESUS, Centro Derecho de Conservación, Centro Ecuménico Diego de Medellín , Coalición Ecuménica por el Cuidado de la Creación, CODEFF, Colegio de Periodistas de Chile, Corporación Privada para el Desarrollo de Aysén – CODESA, Dunas de Ritoque, Fiscalía de Medio Ambiente – FIMA, Fundación Decide, Fundación Terram, Futaleufú Riverkeeper, Greenpeace, Instituto de Ecología Política, Observatorio Ciudadano, SustentaRSE, Red Metropolitana de Consejos Verdes, Wildlife Conservation Society – WCS, and

A short film by MVMT (
Directed by Erick Vigouroux & Nicole Ellena
Camera: Erick Vigouroux & Victor Vergara


Fighting for the Futaleufú: new film shows what’s at risk.

“Futaleufu is like a fairy tale, but those who have not seen it cannot truly anticipate its need for protection.” – Steph Haig, Director, Fighting for the Futaleufú.


Futaleufú: Conflict in a Green Paradise
[News Report on threats to the Futaleufú River by Chile’s largest television news network, featuring our founding board member Dr. William J. Horvath, in Spanish].


Futaleufú: Adventure Travel and Nature [in Spanish].